Use the tools you already know - It's super easy

The process is as simple as it can be. Upload SVG or DXF file to get an instant price For other vector-based files like DWG, PDF format or even an image file just upload it and RMD team will draw and upload it for you

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We offer mass production too

You can order from 1 to 1000 pieces per order. At RMD, your design becomes a premium quality piece of art.

Available materials we laser cut

Stainless Steel

Carbon Steel






Cardboard / Matboard

We use the best quality materials out in the market. Bad quality materials will hurt two things, our CNC machines and most importantly our customers satisfaction.

Build your architectural models

Students and Architects can easly create their site model by arranging the contoured layers on a laser bed-sized (1220mm x 2440mm) sheets.

Cool things you can make

These are some ideas that can be made using RMD. There is no limits to what you can make!